Best guess at # of drivers in H-burg?


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I can get enough rides to justify the effort. 2-4 a day and its not even covering gas and lunch.

Do you think Hburg is to small or that there are just to many drivers?


There's numerous components to this job. I don't think the demand is there for this to be a full time job in this area. Harrisburg in my opinion is a tricky market because of the spread out nature of the city and the shitty road system.

I reserve the right to be wrong. There might be a decent ebb and flow to it. I've not yet been able to figure one out.

Figure out your market, what businesses use the service. What bars are hot what nights to be in those areas. Look for local events, things like that.

Good luck


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Problem is everyone is saying (well GUESSING) that its to many drivers. But when I do get to talk to pass I get a totally different viewpoint.

About 30-50% of the people that used the app are not locals. They are visitors in town for something and Uber/Lyft is actually a thing where they live. Many have said that getting a ride was pretty difficult. Not sure if they meant the time to wait or the cost.

Since the pass app is more miss than hit at showing the closest drivers I can't even say that I can even see MYSELF. I called Uber support and told them this and they simply said that the pass app doesn't show real time driver location.

I know Uber has no reason to show driver population in a specific market but it would make life easier.

I'm about 30% of the way towards not driving again unless I can figure something out. I like the extra $100-$150 a week, but its a huge time suck.


There's more than enough rides out there. You can't just hang out on the east shore or downtown. I get 6 or 8 in a couple hours after a full time job. Some people are way too picky and refuse too many rides. So they use drivers who accept more. I very rarely refuse a ride or take a ride but never go to it. Do everything exactly as you're supposed to and it will work better for you.