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Best driving clothes


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This is my official Disneyland shirt, but I've worn it a few times while ubering.

Always gets tons of laughs.

People even want to take pictures of my gut.
Dude, youre hideous.....you look like the rejected back up dancer of the Blue Man Group.... (just kidding)

My wife bought me this shirt last christmas and I usually wear it on friday or saturday night when I drive...gets some laughs out of the Gen Xers


Stevie The magic Unicorn

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If I have a true honest choice in the matter, like when i did uber or when i owned my taxi.

I'd wear cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt

Complying with the taxi regulations?

I have these really comfy khaki pants with an elastic band,

and golf shirts or MORE Hawaiian shirts..

IF i was still doing uberX it would probably be something closer to

Scratch that... the homeless beggars make more...



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As a guy, I simply wear a pink polo shirt. I've gotten comments if I support the fight against breast cancer and I get a lot of love from the ladies :wink:

I have heard stories of pax from other drivers who have worn shirts "tips are not included in the fare" and other soliciting tip options by wearing shirts. I'll definitely pass :frown:


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Confusing Rapunzel with Cinderella is like Confusing Spider-Man with Batman.
That was my second guess. My daughter has a majority of the princess dresses, and I just can't keep up with all of them.
Elsa (3 styles: pre-coronation, coronation, and spring)
Anna (3 styles: pre-coronation, coronation, and spring)
Sleeping Beauty
Little Mermaid (2 styles)
Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
and some others I can't remember.
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