Best areas in afternoon on weekdays


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So I normally drive on weekends and on evenings. But I just graduated college and I'm trying to transition my body away from shift work sleep schedules for when I get a full time job.

I use Uber and Lyft to pay my rent right now.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best areas are during weekdays in the late morning and afternoon. I'm parked in Sugarhouse atm, its about 230 and I've not had one ping.

I checked Uber's driver guide on their website and it talked about the hot spots for Salt Lake City. Well I'm in one of them right now. No business.

I'm also wondering how updated that hot spot map is. Because it talks about the 2017 football season being here.

End of the month is coming quick. I'd really appreciate any information you fellow, hard working drivers would be willing to share.


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Those are slow times of day. Better to get out early, take a break sometime after 10ish, then hit afternoon rush. Might try food delivery for the lunch hours.