Best and Not So Best Restaurants to Deliver For


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This is my list in the hundreds of deliveries I have done so far. This is not an evaluation on the food because most of these places have tasty food on the menu otherwise UberEats customers would not order food from them. My criteria is based primarily on wait times and other issues (i.e. parking). The longer you wait for them to cook and prep for delivery the less money in your pocket. This also factors in 10 minutes on average to get to the location. I would be interested in hearing others feedback and common experiences

Not So Best

1. Bucca de Beppo/PZA. The worse. Not only will you wait on average 15-20 minutes. The order may not have been started yet. The food is never ready when you get there. In one case, there were a couple of drivers who refused a pick-up on an order. I found that out when I went to the counter and the waitress said it would be 20+ minutes for the order to be ready. I was like I don't get paid to wait especially when there are other orders coming in on the app during Boost hours.

2. Flour and Barley. You will wait 15-20 minutes on average for the food to be ready for delivery. In fact, the staff automatically directs you to the chairs to sit because the food is still being cooked. Not to mention, you have to park in the International Market parking garage since there is no curbside parking. I've never been there for a pick-up when the food was actually already ready for delivery.

3. Sumo Ramen and Curry. Same as above except you can actually park in front of the establishment. I've done many deliveries and have had only 1-2 orders ready for pickup and delivery.

4. Teddy Burgers on University Avenue. Same as above. This is strange because the one on Kapiolani Blvd. is actually pretty good. Be prepared to wait 15+ minutes on an order.

Best Restaurants
1. OMG on McCully Shopping Center. Food is usually ready and packaged for pick-up when I come in to pick-up for delivery. If I do have to wait, it's usually less than 5 minutes. Parking is usually available right in front of the establishment.

2. Chronic Tacos on Kapalua. The food is usually packaged and ready to go when I arrive for the pick-up. If I have to wait, it's usually less than 5 minutes. Plus, parking is pretty good in that shopping center.

3. McDonalds on King St., Waialae Avenue, North School St., and Nimitz Highway. I know it's fast food, but they seem to have the process down where most of the time especially during their busiest hours the food is packaged and yes even "sealed" for delivery. If I have to wait, it's usually less than 5 minutes. Not to mention they have reserved parking spaces for online ordering with exception of the Kuhio Ave. location. Also, the staff is pretty courteous at those locations. I prefer to have McDonald's orders especially during Boost hours, on a good day I can knock out 3 deliveries in an hour which means more change in my pocket. Also, they are busy many of the times I go to those locations, the staff is always courteous and professional which is surprising for the fast food industry.

4. Teddy Burgers on Kapiolani Burger. The food is usually packaged and ready to go and the staff is courteous. If I had to wait, order is packaged and ready to go in under 5 minutes. It's a lot UberEats friendly location than it's sister store on University Ave.

5. Panda Express (South King St., Moanalua Shopping Center, and Kamehameha Shopping Center). The food is usually packaged and ready for delivery. If not, it's usually a 5 minute wait or less. The staff at each of those locations are courteous and eager to get you on your way.

Anyways, that's my list. Would be interested in hearing from other UberEats drivers. Mahalo and stay safe on the road.