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Wonder if anyone has a dog named Chocolate Thunder.

Edit: Yes I realize there was a basketball player nicknamed Chocolate Thunder..Darryl Dawkins.
Darryl Dawkins... who named all of his dunks but didn't have a duck to name. Kind of sad when you think about it.


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Best advice is always snicker when someone says: "I just do this part time, I'm graduating law school."

It's code for: 'I'm too dumb to hold down a real job so I drive for Uber and in my spare time I vicariously project my (fantasy) ultra successful life through the interweb masquerading as a duck on rideshare forums'
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Cat's name is Bella. Duck lives in San Gabriel Valley.

Best advice is don't ever watch a UberMan video. It'll make you stupid as hell.

I know, where you live my love, and your cat is, Bella A.K.A. (White Lightning):smiles: