Bendigo + Ballarat starts October 25


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Looks like will be new goldmines at least at start with lot of demand crazy surging weekend fri/sat nights & not many drivers but long empty run from airport to bendigo & western suburb to ballarat to get up there to start making the $$$$?

Maybe if lucky esp from airport chance of long trip to bendigo/ballarat before start day of work?? In future look like dead trip worth it to these towns to get huge airport trip on surge back to melb

Also maybe number of driver in melbourne go down when these town go online due to local driver no longer coming to drive in melb like this guy stephen you on this site??

Huntly’s Stephen Flaherty has been travelling to Melbourne to work as a driver for Uber for about 18 months and said he had carried more than 3000 passengers in that time, attracting an almost perfect rating.

He welcomed Uber’s expansion to his home city as a win for both drivers and passengers, predicting fares could be up to half as expensive as taxis.

“Wherever they’ve landed it’s taken off because it’s such a good offering, local people in good cars – and just around the corner half the time,” he said.

“It’s significantly cheaper in Melbourne, it’s nearly half the price of a cab in Melbourne so I would imagine that would be similar [in Bendigo].”

Mr Flaherty, who has an 18-year-old daughter, said younger people would most likely be among the first to start making use of the service.

“People in that demographic, say 18 to 35, they pretty much use nothing else but Uber from what I hear,” he said.

Ms Flahery said Uber’s Bendigo launch would provide an opportunity for others like him to make a living.

“I choose to do it in a block in Melbourne so I’m not away from the family for too long, but moving to Bendigo means I’ve got the whole week to get at it,” he said.


With all due respect, if picking up in Ballarat, riders rating would have to be a 4.95 minimum! Bendigo, I'd go as low as 4.90...


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Don't forget, many Bendigo residents don't like Muslims.

If you're a Muslim Uber driver, you probably won't get a fare in Bendigo.
There must be muslims in Bendigo. Otherwise, why would anybody apply for a permit to build a mosque?