Being cancelled on frequently in a row - Deactivation?


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With a rating of 9.1 and 4000 rides under my belt, today I had a day where 3 consecutive pax misplaced the pin, so naturally I tell them to cancel and request again with the right address, and I collect my 4 dollar cancellation. But that was 3 cancels on a row that the system noticed, even though its the pax fault. So I do 3 more rides only to be cancelled on again, followed by a cancel on my end because the pax wouldn't answer the phone.

I KNOW i did nothing wrong. If and when they check their system, they WILL SEE that I made it to pick up points, waited the 5 mins, then left as I text the pax to cancel. I made 20 bucks on cancellations today in total.(which is sad that they encourage this behavior by making it more worth our while to purposely cancel on pax because they give us more on cancellations than the actual trip.)

All this said, does anybody have experience or knows what occurs if you get cancelled on frequently (not on your end). Can you get deactivated if say, you have the worst luck and 10 people cancel on you in a row, with or without the cancellation fee? I'm trying to determine how their system catches these situations, not to try to cheat the system but so I can avoid getting into trouble. I don't have time to be deactivated and lose income because of a faulty algorithm. I always show up and wait the 5, but I AM SHARP, if at 5:00 you're not there, I'm out , and I know the system won't give you the cancellation fee if you didn't wait, so its all legit. Thoughts?


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You're stats reset after 7 days. I've been as high as 60% cancel rate and nothing happened. From what others have posted, Uber will send you a couple warnings if you're on the bubble. I never got any warnings.