Being A Good Samaritan


This has happened to me several times. Somebody's car is broken down and they are stranded, so they request an Uber to come pick them up and take them home. One Ping came from a grocery store. On a hot summer day the guy had come out of the store with a load of groceries and his five-year-old son with him and found that his car had a flat tire. And he was mute! We had to communicate through text messages and hand-written notes. When I dropped him and his son and his groceries off at his apartment he was so thankful I thought he was going to start crying.

Last night after I accepted a Ping the passenger immediately called and said that he had been driving down the street with his wife and three kids as passengers when his car engine just suddenly quit running. He said "I don't know what happened". I told him that what has happened is that I would be there in ten minutes.

The fare that I receive for these deeds is usually minimal. But there's more to life than a little money.

The Mollusk

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Just remember how good you felt about your deeds when the late notices start coming in, or when they threaten to shut your power off.


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Careful. I once started a thread about a woman who pinged me to pick up an old man she saw carrying his groceries down the street on a hot day. The guy was kind and gracious, and it was such a positive and uplifting story about her kindness.

I was vilified for posting it, being accused of shilling for Uber, or bragging about "my" good deed (when I was really praising the woman, while I was just doing my job).

Some sick people around here. If they reply, don't let them get you down.

(EDIT: I see a couple of them have already posted. Sick.)