Becoming a uber driver after being an uber eats driver......

leanne Price

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Question. Is it possible to become a uber driver after working only with uber eats. I have been notified by support that They will have to close my account all together and I will have to reapply which will take a whole week.

I do not want to go a whole week without working, and so I am curious if anyone knows if there is a why I can do this myself without having to start all over? I really would like to give uber driving a try and compare the 2.



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GLHub in San Antonio is pretty decent at getting things done. Depending on time of day you might have to wait a bit but overall it's fairly efficient and sometimes you can snag a 5-hour old breakfast taco.

You still might have to wait a week to start driving pax though because I have a feeling they will redo your background check. On the other hand, I could be entirely wrong. :smiles: