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Be careful at the Windjammer


Everyone knows about the rape charge instigated by a woman picked up at the Windjammer. I don't go there, but the way it used to be is this:
1. A Mt Pleasant cab company named Crazy Car's Taxi always had a car or two parked there, often right in
front of the door, right beside a cop car and/or the officer.
2. When the officer spotted someone leaving, he would tell the person that he was going to give him a public
drunk ticket unless he took a taxi home and the officer would then give the drunk a Crazy Car's Taxi
business card and point to their vehicle which had a driver standing outside.
3. The officer was not nice to the drivers of other services and the rumor is that, in order to eliminate
competition, Crazy Carl (maybe in conjunction with the officer) would "plant" riders into the competition
and then the riders would file some kind of complaint with various authorities, including the Isle of Palms
police who would then bar the driver.

Uber has probably really hurt Crazy Carl and I'd guess that he will be doing everything he can to eliminate as much competition as he can.

Anyway, just thought this tidbit might help someone. Good luck to all.

PS: When I read about the rape case, my first reaction was that those riders might be some kind of plant.
I don't really think so now, but I guess it's possible. It just doesn't make any sense that a 6th grade teacher, married with children, with no record of any kind, would rape someone.