my battery is only lasting 6 hrs. how do you save battery? do you still receive notifications when your phone is locked?


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Had a few cables that wore just near the plug ...when the phone is in the holder it can be at an angle and damages the cable so can appear to be charging but your getting very little and flicks on and off...

There is an app called ampere...that measures the charge rate .. different cables have large differences in charge rate

I think investing in a better quality braided type cable is the go


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I had the same problem with my old phone, I just used a 10 ah battery pack on the dashboard.
I think it only cost about $20 lasted days.

Max Arnold

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I had that issue when using a USB adapter from the cigarette socket.
As soon as I plugged the phone directly into one of the USB ports it now keeps the phone at 100% all day.

Heisenberg 99.1%

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It's the thickness of the cable, the thinner ones are only really for the wall sockets. For the car you need one with a thick cable