bangs on my widow

Freeman 2

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as a rule when somebody bangs on my window they have a fiver in their hand , not here . ride from ceasers to arie 6 with luggage

did you end the trip????
cheap fi**** @@@@ from india.


And yet nobody commented on the title spelling?
"bangs on my widow"

It's true that Caesars doesn't use an apostrophe, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have one, technically.
Actually, technically, it shouldn't have one because...
"(Jay) Sarno's manifesto was to.....create a place where anybody could be Caesar for a day, a weekend - or however long your bank balance permitted you to stay. It was for this reason that the apostrophe was omitted from the name Caesars Palace. This was a place where every guest would be a Caesar, not just one."
So there you have it. It's a plural, not a grammatically incorrect possessive noun (apparently!), hence no apostrophe.