Bally's dropoff location


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Is it no longer the main entrance? Tried dropping a passenger off there last night and the valet guy completely blocked the thru lane on me and wouldn't let me in and wouldn't give a clear answer as to where I was suppose to dropoff. Lyft's webpage still says main entrance


Have always dropped off at main entrance with no problems since December 2015. Pickup on the Flamingo side,
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Most drop offs are at the main entrance, with the exception of some hotels--Golden Nugget, Westgate, etc.


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The Golden Nugget is the only place I've ever had a complaint about a drop off. There's no reason you shouldn't be allowed to drop off anywhere a non-rideshare could, or a taxi could.


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I always drop off at the side entrance, flamingo side. I dont care whether if we are allowed to drop at the main entrance. 1st, side entrance is easy in easy out. And 2nd, at the same time i'm educating the pax to be at the side entrance for pickup too.