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Bali’s taxi-drivers don't like Uber either

Another Uber Driver

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It looks like the Balinese re-act in the same way that the French or Italian workers do when there is a "labour dispute" ; things get violent. They used to be like that in this country until the 1930s. Every once in a while, you still see violence, but not like you used to see.


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Screw Bali. If that's the way they feel, I'm never visiting the God-forsaken dump!


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so people are supposed to just take their word for it that the exorbinant rates they are paying for cabs are going to all of those things and not just into the pockets of the drivers ?



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The only proper taxi service in Bali that can be hailed, booked and where the drivers always use the meter is the blue bird taxis. They are the tops and very well known to the tourists thanks to TripAdvisor.
The rest aren't taxis. They all do upfront pricing (negotiable). Some of them look like taxis, but most are the private cars.
The "taxi stand" in Canggu, the author mentioned aren't taxis. The local mob with the private cars.
As for "exorbinant" rates mentioned above: the author was quoted $14 from Canggu to Ubud, that's more than 1 hour drive.. what a rip off !....sarc.
And he took Grab for tenth of the fare quoted, that's $1,4 (yes, one point four) ..what a hero !
The 30 min ride in "Blue bird" cab is about $3...another rip off !..sarc.
Oversaturation of the cabs/private hire is another problem over there.
All they need is just to add Uber cars to the mix..yup, Uber been really missed over there.
Author is moron.
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