Baldwin County Driving - any licenses required?


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Does anyone know if drivers authorized for Mobile need additional licenses for driving in:

Spanish Fort
Gulf Shores
Orange Beach




You don't need any additional inspections/licenses for Baldwin County, but Uber does not operate in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.


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Thanks, redloh.

Where did you get your information that Uber does not operate in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach? The coverage area map from here suggests otherwise:

Go to the Ubermovement site and select New Orleans, then go to Mobile, look at the coverage map. It includes everything from Fort Morgan to Perdido Key.


It was a big news story last winter I believe. The police departments were ticketing Uber drivers for operating illegal cabs in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and Uber was paying the tickets. Uber and the cities tried to negotiate a deal, but nothing every came of it. Uber decided to not operate down there and still don't. If you try to request a ride using the rider app within the city limits of Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, it will not let you.
Yup. As of April 2017, Uber can only do drop offs inside the city limits of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Uber has not obtained a business license and has not got a franchise agreement with the cities. Trade dress is required to be displayed within the city limits. These cities have high enforcement and known to do sting operations plus taxi drivers will call cops.

Even if Uber was okay to do pickups, these two cities required Rideshare drivers to have vehicle inspection by an ASE certified mechanic, emergency Triangles, road flares, and first aid kit in order to do pickups.
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