Bait and Switch in Binghamton?

I was promissed a signup bonus and am getting a "guaranteed income" in its place? Did this happen to anyone else? This does not seem like a legal practice, left aside ethics. Also have no driver support contact via phone or chat. Any advice?


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There's a certain amount of rides you need to complete, before the bonus takes affect. "Guaranteed income," only heard of it in bigger cities. Worked for Uber since July in Binghamton, and don't even have that option. Support is available thru the app, click on Account at the bottom; then Help, then click the phone icon top right corner. Hope that helps.


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I've only been driving a little less than a month in Binghamton, but I do remember a sign up bonus. Something like give 100 rides in 30 days....but I forget what the bonus was.