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Bad Vibe


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Any one else feel a very bad vibe last night and now going into tonight? I must have saw 6 cop cars positioned every where on my way to get gas to start the night, saw two accidents that just occurred , one on my way to pick someone off and one just before I dropped the same person off. Cops flying like mad nailing people all night. Ended up calling it a lot earlier then I wanted, hoping the mood chills down a bit though.


The ugly underbelly of the Bay City....:cool: seriously always trust your instincts if you feel you need to go offline by all means do so!
Besides one less goon taking my money!!:smiles:
Saturday was bad juju.... had an accident happen early morning immediately behind me... scared the living crap out of the pax and myself. Then Sat afternoon I get a guy in the oncoming left hand turn lane make a right turn across 3 lanes of thru traffic....
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