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Bad riders, does it hurt me to rate them poorly (some examples)

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Wraiththe, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Wraiththe


    Don't like to complain, but this week I have learned a few things. 1 is to not end a ride until you are driving away.
    1) 1 passenger was stupid drunk... took me to a closed location on a lake and then would not get out of the car, did not know who he was or where he lived.. had to get the police to get him out of my car. Well over an hour wasted after midnight 40 minutes from home. Already rated him a 5.... (I also did not want to leave him plastered at the lake... to drown or get hit by a car.)
    2) One guy tried to grab me... His boyfriend did not seem to mind. they brought drinks and "said" there was no alcohol in them.
    3) One woman sprayed on perfume... and she wreaked before she got in... I freaked out a little and had to open all my windows and almost had a severe reaction. My car still smells. If I inhale enough of the wrong stuff I wind up sick in bed for a few days.
    4) Two young people did something in the back seat last night... I had to inspect the back seat for bodily fluids.
    Don't want to sound like a prude, but I kind of feel violated and a bit disgusted. NO TIP either. They said they did not drink alcohol but wreaked of beer.
    5) I have had several people ask me to stop and take over 5 minutes to get food, shop, or what ever. One I told no... then after I got five blocks away... they got me again.
    6) I had the riders cram 5 people in my car and the max is 4.

    So... How bad does it make me look if I rate people poorly... ie. for any of these reasons?
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  2. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    7) The fare for hire industry is not for you. In fact you should shy away from most public customer service tasks. I mean if perfume, drunk people and public affection bother you than may I suggest employment in a solitude environment.
  3. unPat


    You experienced what rideshare drivers experience in 1+ years. Either you are a troll/shill or you are just unlucky. Try it for a week , and if you are still unlucky just find another line of work.
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  4. Shakur


    You take no control in any situation, that is not a rideshare problem, that is a personal problem. First mistake is having doors unlocked when you pull up anywhere. I inspect everything and everybody beforehand, and once entering car, all that entitlement, doing what you want or belittlement you planned is deaded and I'm only stopped for tips, only making money while in motion.
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  5. Just like you, I was once a rookie as well. Here is some priceless advice:
    -paxholes will lie through their teeth about everything and anything.
    -you must take and be in control of every ride.
    -develop the skill of analyzing paxs as they approach and enter your vehicle (if you allow entry).
    -if you feel uncomfortable/unsafe for ANY reason, cancel the trip and note as such on app.
    -be diligent and observing during ENTIRE trip. Again, you feel unsafe etc, stop car in safe place and cancel trip with appropriate reason as well as filing a report with uber/lyft.
    So basically, assume ALL paxs are a potential problem until they prove otherwise. You are to be ALWAYS in control of the situation. You have proper means to deal with problematic paxs. Use them and you will be a more productive and empowered driver who has now eliminated 95% of any problems before they arise.

    Thank you Uber for NOT properly training new drivers!
  6. Wraiththe


    Thanks for the good advice, but I am not sure I understood all of it... (Shakur).

    So far, no one has answered my question: Does it make me look bad if I rate people poorly?

    Perhaps I am in the wrong line of work... This all happened within a two week period... And about 4-5 days driving. Unlucky... I guess.

    1) Wasted an hour and a half of my time... with no meter running. Better than him dying...
    2) Being sexually harassed and assaulted should not be normal, or expected. I am an adult male. And yeah... this was a dude and his boyfriend was there too.
    3) Who puts on perfume in someone else's car?
    4) Seriously... It is dark in the back of my car, I don't know if they were copulating or just having oral sex... but it was happening... In view of passer by cars. What if one was a cop? What if they spew all over? What happens if I get hit by a car and she bites off his pecker.
    5) Apparently it is the norm for many people to ask for a stop and wait it has happened to me 4-5 times one took 15 min. I have been told to say I will only wait if a tip is given. These guys Never Ever tip.
    6) Insurance wise, if there is an accident... there might be a chance I could be liable if there are too many occupants. Besides, Uber should say the max people in my car is 4. If there was an accident, with too many people in the car... well, would rather not think about that.

    Yes, I am new to this. No, so far I am not making very good money... My rating is just shy of 5. Only one person rated me less than 5, and not everyone rated.
    So far I have given everyone a 5 rating. Once, when I tried to put in a 4 it asked me why... As if I had time to enter that in.
    I try not to take control, but I have had to put my foot down a few times. It is unfortunate that situations arise, but usually it can still be amicable as long as it is done with tact and pleasantly.

    I will never have to see two of my passengers again... they are blocked, at least from me... or so Uber/Lyft says.

    No unpat ... lol, I am not a troll or a shill... I don't even understand how that makes sense? A troll is basically a wise ass with nasty comments and insults. A shill is someone who puts in fake bids to drive up the price at an auction... or one who tries to make others enthusiastic about a situation. Would you care to explain how that applies?

    Thanks for all the comments, but I would still like the original question answered.

    Hopefully no one will consider this post too lewd or inappropriate. It was not meant to be.
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  7. Downrating make you look bad? Umm no.
    In time with experience, you will develop the ability to deal with and even neutralize many situations. Experience is the best teacher! Dont get frustrated. We've all gone through the same and/or similar situations with idiotic riders.
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  8. For some reason my response and answers to your questions all appeared in the box above- you need to click to expand it
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  9. U must be new we get a 1099 for taxes u are a sub contractor blast them with a1 but if u already rated them tell uber bottom line control your vehicle i have ended 4 trips without cops uber says u cant have a firearm but they said nothing about a tazer its your life and your car and you need to return home and wake up the next day take some martial arts classes and be a ninja in every aspect of your life
  10. touberornottouber


    Volusia County, FL
    Your rating passengers will not make you look bad unless:

    1. You rate every passenger badly.
    2. The rider retaliates and rates you poorly after seeing you rated them bad. (note this is supposed to be fixed December 1)

    My advice is to not drive during the bar closing/drunk hours. Or even better do not drive at night. You will not get this crap as much if you just drive during the day. Uber needs to start paying significantly more to drivers if they are to deal with this crap.
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  11. Wraiththe


    Thanks Julescase, Well written, clearly communicated and appreciated.
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  12. >>>Never ever end the trip until all riders have exited the vehicle
    >>>Above ensures you rate accordingly

    >>>If a rider touches me they get one warning. They touch me again, I pull over and give them the boot
    >>>No drinks allowed in my car. Just don't want to deal with spillage. Sorry, but you can wait the 5-30 minutes to have a drink.

    >>>That is a no win situation. Only thing you can do is rate them low.

    >>>Just the tip or no tip?
    >>>That is when I flip the dome light on and show them my dashcam
    >>>If they persist, they get the boot

    >>>I have a 5 minutes wait window unless they offer cash money upfront
    >>>Don't accept the ride. You can see where the request is coming from and I always remember a riders rating. Those two variables will usually tell me it is the same rider
    >>>If all else fails, logoff for a few minutes and take a break.

    >>>Sorry ride is not happening
    >>>We will order another car, no ride is not happening as you will still rate me low
    >>>Please cancel and try this again, as the app is clear on how many can fit in the car
    >>>If they refuse, I wait 5 minutes and then cancel to collect my cancel fee
    >>>As of late, I have asked the question, can you read? Can you count? Then I show them the rider app on my device and ask them to read and count. At that point, they are pissed and don't want a ride from me and cancel.

    And rate these idiots a 1* if you happen to do the ride. I avoid them so they cannot rate me low because they are being idiots.
  13. Skorpio


    Nunavut, Iqaluit
    Rate them low if they do stupid thing or being rude. When I'm super busy, I dont pick them. They can wait for newbies drivers pick them and piss them off. Lol
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  14. Wraiththe


    Thanks for the support, validation, and advice. While some of this seems like common sense, in every day situations there are potentially many facets that we are may not aware of. (We just don't know.) Hashing details and situations out, raising an awareness of acceptable boundaries, knowing acceptable courses of action and even the repercussions of inaction are indispensable for maintain a positive outlook in regards to future uncomfortable situations... and making better choices to diffuse them and stand your ground when needed.

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  15. NoPool4Me


    I'd have to add that you shouldn't move the car until all riders are buckled in. I don't even unlock the door if it's a group until they tell me how many are going with me. I won't take more than I have seatbelts for. And, make sure you don't take little ones without parents bringing the car seat.
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  16. Rating bad riders low won't affect your rating. One star them and move on. Now let's go over some of the problems you mentioned.

    1. You did the right thing by calling the police. This type of situation can be avoided in the future by making sure your pax is sober and refusing a ride to anyone that's too drunk to give you directions.

    2. Having a dashcam is vital especially if you plan on working drunk shift. Also, if you feel like you've been a victim of sexual assault, follow up with a police report and a message to support.

    3. You simply can't anticipate some pax behaviors. Rolling the windows down should send a message to your pax in situations like this. You can always end the ride if pax smell becomes unbearable.

    4. If you sensed pax were "Doing something" in the backseat did you at least turn around and see what was going on? Ask them if everything was ok? Turn on the lights? Again, having a dashcam is key for such incidents. If they're past first and second base in your backseat you can ask them to either cease and dissist or kick them out.

    5. This is your business and you set the rules. Your job is to take them from point A to point B. Any other pitstops should be done through the app. Don't allow more than two stops with no more than two minutes wait time. End the trip and move on.

    6. Why did you let people cram more than 4 pax in your car? Couldn't you explain to them it's illegal and cancel for "Too many riders" ?

    Most of the problems you mentioned can be avoided or mitigated with experience and by learning how to deal with people. After all you're dealing with them on a daily basis.

    Don't over think rating pax. They're either 5* pax or 1*, no middle grounds.

    The more stern you are and the less you allow pax to walk all over you, the less stressful this gig becomes.
  17. JTTwentySeven


    North Jersey
    To answer your question, RATE THEM BADLY. If you feel they were a bad pax, if they got on your nerves, made you feel uncomfortable, smelt bad, too sick to be in an Uber, RATE THEM DOWN. Not like the ratings will kick them off, but it if they have a low rating, all the good drivers will pass them off to the ants. Don't suffer... pax need to use common sense. They can rate us badly and report us for how our car smells (even if its a good but strong scent aka too many air fresheners). Do the same to them.

    I do pick up riders under 4.7 and I thank the other drivers who down rated them for whatever reason. We have to maintain a 4.6, so they should be able to keep there ratings up to get good service.
  18. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant

    I've had several couples engage in inappropriate behavior in my back seat. I just turn on the lights, make sure the camera gets the evidence, end the trip, and command that they exit the vehicle immediately. They can put their clothes back on after they get out. I have always collected a clean up fee on these trips. I just know how to word the request.

    Uber won't tell you specifically what they do, but in general, exposure of genitals, and sexual activity, results in a permanent ban. That's why you write them up.

    If ANYONE touches you inappropriately, that's another reason Uber will ban a rider. Write them up. An offer to shake hands, or a tap on the shoulder to get my attention is one thing, but anyone that grabs, squeezes, pinches, punches, slaps, flips my ears or head, tussles my hair, knocks of my hat, removes my glasses, tries to hug/kiss me, or any of the other weird interactions I've experienced, I write them up, send in the evidence. 1-star them all day long.

    Anytime someone asks if they can fit four, I say no, and then collect the cancel fee. If you continue with only 4, leaving anyone for the next car, then you're almost certainly going to get a 1-star no matter what you do or say, so just take the easy money, and let someone else deal with them. The app tells them in it's a 4 passenger max, so ignorance is not acceptable, nor is "my last driver let us."

    I don't let open containers in my car. I don't even allow open cups of water, tea, coffee, no matter what they claim is in them. I only ask what's in their to capture evidence when they freely admit, which many do. The rest I presume are lying. Doesn't matter if it's only water, because on the first bump, pothole, railroad track, or accidental slip, or jolt as I avoid another bad driver swerving, and then you have a mess. I just turn them down before they get in the car, collect the fee, and move on.
  19. Unleaded


    Rideshare City USA
    Would you believe that a rider gave me a low rating because he or she felt that the third row seat in my vehicle was small? That has to hold the newest position of Pax Stupidity 101!
  20. Julescase did a good job of addressing your post. I'd like to chime in here. You should consider having a no open container policy. If no open containers are allowed it doesn't matter what's inside of the cup it's not allowed period. You avoid the possibility of an argument with most riders with that policy. If you had that policy you would have avoided that aspect of this ride.

    If riders approach with open containers I simply state I'm sorry no open containers allowed. They may not like it, but they already know they shouldn't be drinking in a car anyway.

    If you rate a passenger low always leave a reason why, and as long as your reasons aren't capricious you're not going to have a problem with either uber or lyft. And honestly if you can't articulate a good reason for why that pax deserved a 1, well I don't know what really.

    As for retaliatory, or preemptive retaliatory low ratings from pax who down rate because they believe you will them, keep in mind you give a lot more rides than they take so your down rate of them is going to hurt their rating a hell of a lot more than their's will yours.

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