Bad jokes

How many jokes will be told in this thread?

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“Bad” in the sense of people will not laugh, believe you are not funny, or think less of you for telling them, not “bad” as in dirty. Do your worst, and try to be original or creative.

Here’s mine:

Why would you want a philosopher to help you move?

They’re good at unpacking.
That is strictly a philosopher joke. Philosopher jokes are only funny to other philosophers, and "outsiders" find them not only completely unfunny, they're incomprehensible.

Here's another example:

This is a philosopher telling a joke: "An Irishman, I, and a Scotsman, S, go into a bar, B, ..."


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My favorite bad "joke" is more of a short story.

Basically you start up a conversation with someone, and say "oh my God, did you hear about that actress who got stabbed? Reese... Reese something... "

The other person will interject with "Witherspoon?!" and you go "no, with a knife."

Although according to the CDC, we should only really be telling inside jokes at this point.