Back Up please!


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I got an uber X request around 8am in JC, the pin was at the end of the block and i make sure that the address was correct, 2 minutes are up and im hoping for 3 more minutes so that i can cancel and get my money but this pax called me and said:
Pax: hello
Me: yes, are you pax X
Pax: yes thats me , but why are you at the end of the st,
Me: this was the address provided on the app
Pax: im actually about half a block away, can you please back up?
Me: sure, just wait right there
Now I'm at the end of a one way st and I see cars coming at the otber end and this idiot wants me to back up half a block, GTFOH! I cancel and made a right turn, i check my mirror and this idiot is waiving his arms in the middle of the st, then a couple of missed calls later and he finally realized that I'm not coming back.

Anybody feeling the same way? That top service is not a priority anymore, I'd probably done it if it was a 2X or higher but at flat rates I'm not jumping hoops for these pax.


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I'm tired of the lie ratings and disrespect when made to wait. All my rides are put on a 3:01 timer after the first 2 expire. I will cancel if they aren't in the car no questions asked.


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I hate people like that or that ones that ask you to turn around because they're too much of a fat hoe to walk 20 ft across the street.

I feel like next time some ghetto sugar baby shrugs her shoulders and gives me that "get your ass over here peasant, what are you doing???" look, I'll more than likely mow her down with my car, and back up for good measure to make sure I'm directly over the pin.


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I had a moron in Harrison one time on some narrow one way street. Nowhere to park and i had no choice but to stop in the middle of the street. No room for anyone to get around me. The guy was not outside when I got there. A car pulled up in back of me so I just drove about 2 blocks until I found a parking space. When the idiot finally came out of his house and didn't see me he called me on the phone. I refused to double back to pick him up and he refused to walk to my car. When 5 minutes were up I hit no show and got paid my 4 bucks.


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agree. If it’t not a surge rate of 2.0 and above. IF I’m at the correct address you gave me. I’m not backing-up. You come to me.

Wait 5 and collect $4. LOL