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How can I be sucking up unemployment when I’m still waiting fo my claim to be processed? WI has a huge backlog still.

Please post screenshots of those big earnings. Thanks.


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cant post screenshots here. I do rideshare only part time, hard to file for unemployment, just doing the grind, and being as safe as I can. I am very picky with where, and whom I pick up. if you are rated below a 4.8 your not getting a ride from me.


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$1000/wk is pretty good for PT!

I haven't had a passenger since March. Don't want to get the virus or spread it. I have been doing Eats lately, mostly in Madison but a little bit in Pewaukee/Waukesha. I like to stage near the Panda Express or the Spring City Restaurant on Silvernail. Maybe I'll see one of you there? It's a long shot though; I don't get to drive very often.


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I am driving Uber Eats, starting in Pewaukee Waukesha this afternoon and possibly evening. If anyone else is around, feel free to say hi.