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After I dropped off an Uber passenger, I once came upon a situation where a mostly naked drunk girl, sister of my passenger, age of 20 was on the icy ground on her back with her mother standing over her. She was kicking and screaming. I warned them she was going to get frostbite and helped her off the ice. I offered to give her my socks and shoes off of my feet. They ultimately turned down that offer, and told me to get some shoes from her brother. I ended up walking to her apartment and asked her brother (not the same brother I dropped off, who had long since vanished) for a pair of shoes for her. She wouldn't go into the apartment but she got at least off the ice and semi-clothed.

I half expected to get deactivated over the incident. I later got an in-app tip from the brother I dropped off.
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Uber is telling us that drivers should be expected to give riders the shirts off our backs. As if our cars, driving, entertainment, and time aren't enough for minimum wage or less. Keep giving till it hurts, say the priests of the Cult of Uber.
As the official Anti Uber rep I order Uber’s stock to drop in value, “toilet paper” immediately.