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AVL Airport Halts U/L Pickups (March 2018)


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So, as of today, Asheville airport has given Uber and Lyft the boot once again for pickups. Most of us got the email and here is the link to the Citizen Times article. I figured I would start a thread to keep things updated.

I rarely work the airport these days, but I always see the queue pretty full. Either these drivers quit or saturate the town. Will be interesting to see how this aspect of the story shakes out.

Let's keep the details posted here if anyone gets any new info. The causes, progress and any updates. I assume, like anything else, it's likely about money. Interesting timing with the new full-size runway being built this year and the airport rapid growth in last few years.

Edit: (new info) Yup. It's about money. The airport is now charging all commercial transports a fee ($2.50/3.50) per pickup and U/L Have pulled out as in the Austin situation. Guess the airport needs to fund all that new construction or make people more likely to use the new garage? We'll see how things shake out.
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I assume most drivers got the email. Things apparently got worked out and pickups are back on as of today. The only things really different are the required trade dress now and a new pickup location for ride hailing apps. It is off of Wright Brothers Way and not on Terminal Drive, so keep that in mind when doing pickups to avoid a possible citation. I attached Uber's picture below.

Thoughts from anyone else? I figured things would get worked out. Heard from a few pissed off pax over the last two months flying in late at night that there were few to no cabs available. Personally, the only thing I noticed that was different for me was that my dead miles dropped way down in the last two months. I've only found myself in S. Ashe a handful of times since pickups stopped at the airport, so I think it is probably a good thing for riders in places like Fletcher, Arden, etc.



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You should be able to open the app and it should be a notification on the main page as well. Here you go:
We're excited to announce that as of today, Friday May 25, you may pick up at Asheville Regional Airport (AVL).
Before you go online, take a look at pickup and dropoff information for staying compliant with AVL requirements and avoiding citations. [/I]

How pickups work
Pickup requests at AVL work a little differently than other areas in Asheville. You will need to first go to the staging lot, located in the cell phone waiting lot off Rental Car Dr. This operates on a first-in, first-out basis, so you will receive a request in the order that you entered the area.

Once you receive a request, you can pick up riders at the Ride App Pickup Zone located behind the terminal curbside off Wright Brothers Way.[/I]
Well looks like things are back to normal. Went out to the pen today and waited. Even with the walk and it being outside I still saw lots of x cars going out and no taxis went by me at the lot..good job uber gone are there 500 days when uber was gone. I do have a question for you xl cars looks like you took x calls is the airport a xl free zone? And how can you run your car round trip on the x fair? Well keep up the good work.
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