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I just finished my 2nd weekend driving for Uber and Lyft.
Lyft didn't work out well for me, but on Friday and Saturday night between 6pm-12pm, I am averaging $130.
Is that about right for most drivers?
I read some posts, people make $400-$700 in 1 weekend... Am I doing something wrong?
How can I earn more?


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That’s not too bad from 6-12, if that’s per night. If that’s for both nights combined that’s not good. Remember most people will get to where they’re going by 8 pm. Not much usually happens from 8-10. They might ride around a little after 10 pm. Around 1 am - 4 am is often where you keep driving to take the chance of surge kicking in with a long distance ride. Often it’s just 2 or 3 lucky rides during that time frame that make the night. Those hours aren’t without their problems however.
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$400-$700 in a weekend would necessitate some all day driving. At least Friday night, all day and night Saturday, and Sunday morning and afternoon. That money is before cost too.