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Average income in Canberra?

Discussion in 'Canberra' started by BlueOcean, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. BlueOcean

    BlueOcean New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm considering becoming a full time Uber driver in Canberra and quitting my office job. I really would like some more flexibility in life and spend more time with the kids.

    What is the average net income for an Uber driver in Canberra (full time)?

    Really appreciate the information.

  2. office jerk

    office jerk New Member

    Flexibility in life comes at a financial cost. Therefore income generated by doing Uber will vary from driver to driver once expenses are taken out.
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  3. UberingAu

    UberingAu Active Member

    In Perth we're getting many surges at the moment. I'm not sure about Canberra? Your population is small. Getting many next pax requests before existing pax drop off. Do you have toll roads there?
  4. Bampot

    Bampot Active Member

    I would really not recommend it.

    As a small city dominated by the public service, which only allows some departments to use Uber, daytime hourly rates are not the best. I make sure I drive Friday and Sat night to get the best hourly rates, but that hardly adds up to making room for family time, as I stay out to 3-4am.

    The absolute best arrangement for low overheads are to use an existing family or business car as your vehicle, which is great for part-time work, as your purchase and costs such as reg and ins are accounted for, though you will have to pay a bit more to get authorisation to drive for Uber. If you want to drive full-time, you would most likely need a second car, which increases your overheads. You might like to consider leasing a car from the various companies that now lease to Uber drivers, but that they means you have to do quite a few hours, all too many of which will be at a low hourly rate, to cover the cost of the vehicle and a decent wage on top of that.

    You also need to think about the substantial positive things you access via your current job (I assume) - superann, holiday pay, sick pay, penalty rates perhaps, long service leave. Super in particular is a big boost to your pay.

    I have been doing ok in Spring, averaging after Uber takes their cut between 33-37 per hour...but you then have to take GST and various running costs out of this. That rate is far better than during winter too. If you take a ballpark 1/3rd off that to get your net figure that is at best around $25 per hour b4 tax, and far less in winter. If u want to try to match what you are entitled to in your job you would need to put a good amount aside each pay to go straight in to your super fund.

    So, all up, if you want to improve your family time, you could drive Uber a bit...big events produce nice pay days, and Fri/Sat nights can be good, and some a.m. peak hours...and that could boost your income quite nicely. It would mean extra hours, but that could be put towards hiring a cleaner, a gardener, a handy-person to get annoying jobs done that you keep putting off, which gives you more time to spend with your family.
  5. Driver Zero

    Driver Zero Active Member

    Sorry BlueOcean, not to rain on your full time Uber ambitions, but there is no such thing as an average net income for a full time partner because of the multitude of variables that will affect your potential earnings.

    I'm not going to list them all, but here are a few obvious ones:
    Hours worked
    Days worked
    Type of car you have
    Your taxable income from all sources
    Your existing financial commitments
    Etc. etc.

    Ask yourself "Am I ready to quit my job to become a taxi driver?" If the answer is no then you definitely don't want to be an Uber driver full time.
    Generally the people who drive Uber full time are doing so because they don't have another job.
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  6. Jack Malarkey

    Jack Malarkey Well-Known Member

    I endorse all that Driver Zero and Bampot have said above.

    BlueOcean, I too would counsel against giving up your full-time job for Uber-driving in Canberra.

    At a minimum, I'd suggest you try Uber driving part time at first and see how you go.

    Uber driving in Canberra tends to be ideal for those who use it as a secondary source of income. In my own case, I use it to supplement a retirement pension.

    There tend to be very quiet periods in the middle of weekdays.

    You can also find that your Uber income is suddenly cut off. A car ran into the back of mine and I had zero Uber income for a week.

    I suspect that the surge component is a smaller proportion of Canberra drivers' remuneration than in larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Surges tend to be short-lived in Canberra.

    Very few, if any, Canberra drivers (I suspect) would only take surge fares as seems to be fairly common in Sydney and Melbourne.

    It is true that Canberra's base fares are second only to Sydney's. Note, however, that Uber can cut fares without notice and has done so in several Australian cities.

    Canberra fares could be cut at any time. Early January is a particularly likely time for fare cuts based on what has happened in the Uber world in previous years.

    So I'd follow Bampot's advice of doing Uber part time and using the proceeds for time with your family (including holidays).
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  7. UXDriver

    UXDriver Well-Known Member

    Quitting a real job for uber

    No no no no no
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  8. Kah Chere

    Kah Chere Active Member

    To make the basic wage I calculate that I need to make $57 an hour in fares. This is possible if I get one trip after another, something that rarely happens.
  9. BlueOcean

    BlueOcean New Member

    Thanks Bampot, Jack and Driver - really appreciate your advice.
  10. Bath

    Bath Active Member

    Great decision. You will not look back and $50/ph is possible.

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