Average day driving Uber in SD?


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Wondering what an average day is like driving in SD?

6 am - 10 am?
3pm - 7 pm?

Thank you in advance!


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With two to three pool requests completed during each hour you should be able to gross somewhere between $6 and $9 per hour if you work it, you might even get lucky and pick up a regular X ride, let's say five minutes to get there or so, five minutes to load and a fifteen mile ride to the airport which takes about 40 minutes and you score your gross is up to $14 or $15 for that hour, minus of course at least 20 miles of auto expense? Life changing money
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I would avoid 3:30-6:00pm. You'll get rides that can exceed 45 mins because of traffic.

That's a long time to shoot the sh*t with a total stranger.

I'd say midweek, non-surge you'll net $100.