AVALON such a flop. So far......

Danny Driveshare

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So, I showed up at Avalon Airport yesterday to the 14:50 flight. As i arrived i saw 8 other UberX waiting in the Queue.

14:50pm flight from Gold Coast
0 Ux bookings.

17:00pm flight from Syd
1 Ux booking and only because i told her it was cheaper than a cab.

Some very angry drivers waited hours for nothing.

A Tip to be aware of. The moment you exit the Geelong Freeway to Avalon you are officially logged in to the Virtual Rank.

One guy yesterday exited the freeway with another guy 100m behind him. He overtook the first guy and it turned out that the first guy was still #1 in the queue.


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Yes we worked that out the other day watching the pax app and none of the ants disappeared within 30 mins of a flight landing. Check the other thread on it


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Lol lol why would you bother

People using Avalon will not pay for an Uber

Hilarious that you or your drivers went there in the first place