Available Driving Time Changed?


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ETA: When I used up the remaining time it went back to showing remaining offline time. I guess I've never turned on the app again before a full 6-hour break ... but that still doesn't explain why ... look, nvm. ?

I was asleep 5 hours and woke up to discover the app is still saying the same 25 minutes of driving time left. And nothing about how much offline time is remaining. Does anyone know if this is just a glitch or a change? ? Usually by now it will be telling me some more driving time available, and that I have like 30 minutes left offline-- or sumtin like that. Didn't find anything on it when I searched the forum.
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Mine was normal this morning. Usually the only time I look at it is Sunday morning, I like to time stopping Saturday night with starting Sunday morning to get morning airport rides if I can.


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Sounds like you didn't go offline for 6 hours at all or am I missing something?
Maybe you might know.one time i worked 6hours went off line for 6 then went back out that night, after coming up on 6 more hours of driving the message came up saying i had an hour left of driving time.so you can't split the 12 hour driving time.so its once you hit 12 hours you half to go off line.even if you were off line for 6hours


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If you were offline for 6 hours the clock should reset. If you were not careful and went online at 5 hours 59 min the clock will not reset.

I've stretched out the 12 hours driving time over a few days but you have to take a straight 6 hour break offline eventually

Just because you were stopped 6 hours online doesnt count as a break
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