Autonomous vehicles will spark the end of humanity


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Socrates, 399BC: "This new technology called scrolls will be the end of humanity and the death of oral teaching."
America, 1875: "This new technology called the Telephone will be the end of humanity and the death of talking to each other face to face."
The world, 1941-1970: "This new technology called Television will make everyone stupider, and will mark the end of humanity."
The world, 1995-2005: "This new internet has the potential to end humanity as everyone is glued to their computer."
The world, 2008-2018: "These new smartphones will end humanity, as nobody ever looks up from them anymore." user @Funky Monkey , 2020: "These new self-driving cars will be the end of humanity."

I think I've heard this story before...
You forgot the horseless carriage, smokeless gunpowder, cotton gin, printing press, and many other turning points.

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