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Autonomous Cars Drive Like a Scared 15 Year-Old Student Driver


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"Baluga" drives like a timid little child.

Lets forget about crashes and law breaking. I'd love to see their stats on number people annoyed and honking at them. Surely that's something they are also tracking.

Lord of ricks

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I wonder if anyone has purposely screwed with them for a while.
i often start to veer into their lane in palo alto where i see tons of these terrible inventions. then i give the "drivers" dirty looks. i find it pretty entertaining.

ill try to take a video next time lol


I swear the waymo cars you see in Silicon Valley drives slower than a 100 yr old blind grandma.
I saw one on 18th near Vermont. It just stopped in middle of the intersection and stayed there a LONG time!!!
Dangerous for EVERYBODY.
I gave the drivers a thumbs down and said "get them off the road!"