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Auto grabber based on script dead?

Discussion in 'Flex' started by tofu97, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. tofu97


    It seems amazon moved to use VPN and proxy method can no longer see the content.
  2. My recommendation! Bravo! Installing a security certificate would defeat MITM immediately! But, I suspect the refresh rate was more to blame for catching them.

    where is dcks? oh. fired probably
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  4. rozz


    No wonder my stuff didn't get delivered today.
  5. soonsoon


    Torrance, CA
    Has this been confirmed? And if it has, does it mean all the pay per services like ZeroFlex and GetBlockUSA and others are history?
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  6. Someone called? I'm still here and your info regarding the proxy use is incorrect per usual on this forum which is why the majority of us went to our own private forum many months ago.

    None of the paid services use a proxy. They go through the Amazon api. Thanks for the api Amazon!
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  7. doesn't fkin matter. your mafia bs is over. even amazon catches on eventually
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  8. Mafia? Thanks! I love the comparison.

    I've done quite well and will always do so. I've never depended on any income from Amazon or anything to do with them so they could change the entire program tomorrow and it wouldn't change my life one bit.

    You sound very jealous...
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  9. Wow! Happy to get a rise out of you! #6 computer science school in the world didn't teach me anything, except that hacks like you know nothing of the basics. I am surprised because amazon actually did something smarter than I would have done. Refresh rate killed your business. Good luck in the future!

    Oh, and "hola!"

    This guy's a ****ing idiot. He's lucky his run lasted as long as it did.
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  10. There is no business. Two scripts a month is not exactly what I would call business. You give me way to much credit, but thanks! The guys who did the sophisticated work are the ones who rolled out the online block services.

    I have no worries responding to you as it increases my visibility and I just end up with more requests.

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  11. Great! Exposing yourself for what you really are helps you tremendously. You are shut down and you're obviously angry about it. The people on the ground see the 75% south americans getting blocks and the 25%, at best, veterans getting blocks. The all drive late model corollas and don't have a clue what they're doing. Returns, lates, you think amazon hasn't noticed? Lol I am sure your bank account is full, you just better hope the FBI hasn't noticed you. IP on a network stream is real
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  12. I think you have me totally confused with someone else. I'm a white dude from SoCal who doesn't speak any more than conversational Spanish from growing up in LA. I don't work with any of the immigrant groups that have been going around the country. You are very confused.

    I have nothing to be angry about, you on the other hand seem to have some anger issues and don't know how to direct it or control it and are looking for someone to blame.

    Anyone who has ever worked with me has my personal phone numbers and I've had multiple drivers to my house to set their scripts up and train them.

    I have nothing to hide and if anyone wanted to locate me it would be fairly trivial to do.
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  13. OJL


    I just think paying for any service to do Amazon work is ridiculous. At the end of the day, were're in a warehouse scanning packages for a company that uses driver tip money for base pay. Anytime they can pre-calculate tip money before you even accept a block. So run as many scripts as you like if you actually enjoy being scammed. I still get plenty of block opportunities, free of charge!
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  14. Yes, let's go off topic so you can try to defend yourself. You've been posting 'inside info' about flex for months.The more you talked, the less people listened. Plus, I believe you're the original dude who posted all the script info here. Why? Because you need some approval from internet forums? You like your approval ratings? This whole scenario has turned many warehouses upside down, because of hacking. Just because I can make an ATM spit out money doesn't make it right. And posting information about my criminal abilities and how many people have my phone number so they can ask me questions about it because I have 'authority on the subject' makes me a complete ****ing moron.

    I don't give a crap where you're from or what color you are. I do give a crap that Amazon put a stop to your bull**** that has devastated many stations. If the terminations haven't hit your end yet (and they certainly have mine) let me just say "Bye *****!" and, again "I hope for your sake the FBI hasn't noticed YOU"
  15. Someone's Tuxedo is in a bunch. LMAO at the FBI.
  16. Lol, this guy is a clown. Went to the #6 comp sci school and doesn't know that the refresh change doesn't effect scripts? Sure ya did...
  17. I don't usually respond to brain dead people, but for the community I will respond to you.

    Fact: If you're tapping faster than the app allows, you're using a server. You got CAUGHT
    Fact: VPN, as the OP suggests, uses an installed security certificate, which cannot be hacked like the MITM tool the block buyers are using (which uses a certificate authority spoof). Thanks to the idiot dkcs for letting us in on this information. I knew 1 week after starting Flex, capturing blocks on the network would be unbeatable. But, I'm not an idiot, so I never went there. It's 10 years in jail.
    Fact: The proliferation of block buying became so big, yes, the FBI may be involved at this point.

    The most interesting thing about all of this is how long it took Amazon to respond. The "God's weapon youtube video" came out February 2017.

    So, FBI, yes, actually, clown, yeah, I drive because I choose to, you, sir, probably HAVE to.

    So, Mr Clown, tell me what you know of this subject.

    By the way, I had a one hour long conversation with Logistics detailing every scrap dkcs gave me here. As well as the loopholes surrounding background checks, ids and amazon.com account names. I provided the solutions and 2 months later, they implemented them. The block buyers and account hacks have scattered like roaches. Blocks are easily obtainable now, just like old times. And the veterans are again delivering with 100% PDR. You're welcome.
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  18. Since I'm being credited for being blockgrabber do also get credit for being Peace Hacker and inventing God's Weapon as well?

    I want all of the imaginary Internet points I can get so I look leet for the FBI when they break down my door.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
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  19. If you set people up at your station for free (and on this forum) , you obviously are worried about the imaginary internet points. Keep talking.

    The OP asked a question and I responded with pertinent info. What have you contributed to this topic? You said "None of the paid services use a proxy."
    The OP obviously is...

    If you really understand what's going on ( and gee, you said you 'set it up' for people, so I hope you do know) tell us how MITM was broken, answer what the OP really wanted to know. My answer, they didn't break it, they set up a honeypot.

    The block buyers disappeared overnight. The method to stop them, which was suggested by the OP (and why his proxy method won't work, which you failed to comprehend) would have worked. But, as I said, slow refresh also worked and I believe was a smarter method
  20. Xgmoney666x


    Los Angeles

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