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AUSTRALIA | 'Uber “fun rides” declared illegal'

Discussion in 'News' started by WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, Sep 11, 2015.

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  2. UberNorthStar


    Southern Burbs of Houston
    ""Uber is relying on a passenger transport regulation which excludes from the definition of a passenger transport service “a service consisting of a ride provided for the purposes of fun or amusement for a fare that is less than $5 per ride”."

    Give me a break!! A taxi driver like an Uber driver does not provide an carnival-type of ride.

    Hopefully an Uber driver controls his/her vehicle as s/he is carrying fragile cargo.

  3. uberparadise


    UBER loves to try to get the public on their side any way they can. Free rides , cheap rides, specials, blah blah blah. Marketing strategy is similar to a drug dealer. Here try this and you will soon be asking for more. Take an UBER enjoy the comfort, prices, convince Ect..Now they love the service after they have experienced the high (lol). Who cares what lives are ruined. It's about me me me. Not what is best for society. Sad but true. UBER is not your friend they have an agenda!! Be careful when u are given things for free or way under true market value!

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