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AU student facing felony charges after allegedly assaulting a Lyft driver


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AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - An Auburn University student is now facing felony charges after police say he assaulted a Lyft driver.

Jess Ralston, 20, was arrested in late September at the social apartment complex in auburn on misdemeanor charges .

Police say since the arrest the victim, 58-year-old Lennie Hartzog had surgery to fix her injuries which justifies upgrading the charges.

Hartzog needed more than 30 staples in her shoulder and arm after she says Ralston assaulted her.

The rides haring driver hired auburn attorney Trip Walton and is seeking legal action in this case.


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Hmmmmm, photo cropped above the eyebrows.... Charles Manson swastika tat hiding up there?
Yeah I was adding to the repost cause the photos just came out. It’s pretty scary stuff.


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Thats how my 73 y/o female neighbor looked after getting beaten and robbed while walking to the grocery store 2 blocks away. Neighbor woman was way more frail to start with. A young gorilla woman did the attack. The gorilla was caught after doing another robbery/assault on an elderly woman.


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I hope they don’t take it lean on him. The punishment must be so hatsh that no one dares to do these kinds of crimes.

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Now he's a dope head milinneal facing 5 years in the clink and is going to be a felon for the rest of his life. I see being an Uber driver in this idiot's future.

I see Bubba in his immediate future.

The punishment must be so hatsh that no one dares to do these kinds of crimes.
Personal Time With Bubba is pretty harsh punishment.

SEAL Team 5

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I bet it took a brain surgeon gang banger to come up with that.
Not really, just watch the Showtime documentary Trade or the A&E weekly show Gangland and you catch up on the reality of happenings in the U.S. prison system. Of course they're on the same time as reruns of the Simpsons and Yo! MTV Raps so one must make a difficult decision of which TV program to tune in to.

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