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I know we’re mid-way through Feb but I wanted to make a thread exclusively reporting the Surges, PPZ, and multipliers we catch throughout the week on our apps.

Since I only can do Lyft, RA, DD, and FV I’ll just report with screenshots of how my days go. You guys doing UBER feel free to add to the thread with whatever screenshots or report areas you catch surging. Maybe we can catch a trend to increase our earnings a bit now that we’re getting into the busier part of the year.
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Here’s what I caught today
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Lyft had some random PPZ between 4 and 7
Shockingly DD was the most lucrative bonus with $5+ per ping



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No screen shots but I got uber surges from abia at 6:34 and 7:12. The second one paid me $12 in surges because of the distance.

Also small surges in East Austin a 5:40 and south Austin at 8:30.

Valentine’s Day, plus marathoners, plus college in session means some decent surges. Not sure you can replicate that on a typical night though.