ATTN CT 20 percent-ers.....

A word of warning to the 20% commission folks...

So I have been battling with Uber for a week now on my pay being changed out of nowhere... after a zillion emails and praying to God Almighty for patience beyond my years... I finally got to the bottom of it..

1. I was activated on Dec 5, 2015
2. Uber raised their commission from 20% to 25% for drivers activated on or AFTER Dec 14, 2015
3. My car is a registered UberX and UberXL

My car registration was expiring at the end of April 2016, so I renewed online and sent Uber my new registration paperwork to update my documents on my account.

BAM... they "renewed" my vehicle on the Uber app.. guess what that does in their system. Treats the car you have been driving for however long as a NEW REGISTERED VEHICLE AND DRIVER... YUP... my renewal caused their system to mark my start date with Uber from Dec 5, 2015 to March 22, 2016.

After a ton of fighting and reading Suessical nonsense... I finally found a sane soul that was able to think outside the box and see what happened...

SOOOOO... those of you that are 20% and sending in your updated car registrations... BEWARE... and watch your pay statements to ensure you aren't converted over to the new 25% fee schedule.


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gas is going to go up sharply by the time summer starts. if they don't raise the rates by then, we all will be making less. my point is drivers will always get screwed one way or another.