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ATT stadium / Rangers stadium surges what is the deal?

Discussion in 'Dallas' started by uberparadise, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. uberparadise


    Many riders request UBER and LyFT but have no clue how difficult it is to meet up. Cops everywhere, baracades , blocked streets, traffic , no real way to get close to them. PAX expect front door service when it's really hard to do. The surge box is small and I have seen riders purposely drop APP across division or I -30 to save $$$$. When u do get a nice ride congratulations!!! U deserve it! Cabbies actually have a huge advantage with their line up area on Collins. UBER and Lyft need a curbside pickup area as well! That's the only way for us to compete. Plus the 5x 6x surge sounds great but finding a rider is basically mission impossible.
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  2. Tequila_K


    Lyft has a promo deal with MLB, so I figured it would be easy to pick up at the Ballpark.

    No such luck. I couldn't get close - and as far as I could tell, nobody had the little pink logo on their smartphone either. So I had plenty of time to tweet the @Rangers - and to my surprise, they replied right away.

    Tequila Karaoke ‏@Tequila_K Aug 25 (10:05pm)
    @ Rangers @lyft Where is the pickup spot for #lyft drivers after the game? Every inbound road is blocked.

    Texas Rangers ‏@Rangers Aug 25 (10:06pm)
    @ Tequila_K Check the 3rd base gate area.

    Well, the 3rd base gate area is at the northeast corner of the ballpark, corner of Ballpark Way and Road To Six Flags (hereafter "R26F") - one of the places I couldn't get to. However... I didn't *ask* to be let in. On my first run through, I started at Collins and R26F, heading east. I went around the first roundabout (where the old Rangers Stadium used to be, ah memories) and went to the baracade at R26F and AT&T Way. I have a suspicion I would have been let through if I had said I was picking up - the guy by the cones was looking my way as if ready for me to ask. I didn't get that sort of look at any of the other potential entry points.

    I did find one other possible pickup location that wasn't access controlled. A block off the southeast corner (Center Field gate), at the corner of Randol Mill and Arlington Downs Road, is where the Humperdink's shuttle picks up. You could ask pax to go there (though they might, well, balk).

    So I spent an hour getting a whole lot of nothing from my friendly Lyft app. Except for Prime Time notifications for red zones at all the sports bars in Uptown and Lower Greenville, just as the game ended. Which was a valuable lesson in where the passengers actually are on game day! It was pretty much like when I tried to get pax from the Weird Al Yankovic concert in Grand Prairie... if the venue is in a car-dependent suburb, it might not be the most fruitful spot to drop anchor. (Yes, I'm a noob, so please flame me now about how stupid I am, I can hardly wait.)
  3. Bart McCoy

    Bart McCoy

    Waldorf, MD
    had a pick up at the let out of teh Nationals baseball game
    of course they want to stand on a street where its blocked off at, smh
    but agreed, its so hard to find them, and then have them be in an area where its safe and LEGAL to pick them up
    it was frustrating, got a 2.3x surge off it though
    our rare is $1.02/mile so i only do surges

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