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From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom:

  • ABN bulk cancellations

    2 May 2019
    We will be conducting reviews on existing ABNs, which includes cancelling inactive ones. This helps to make sure the information on the Australian Business Register is correct and up to date.
    Your ABN may be cancelled if:
    • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) advise your company is deregistered
    • you advised in your latest income tax return you have stopped running your business
    • have stopped reporting business income or expenses
    • provide us with no other indications you may be in business
    • you lodge a final tax return.
  • If your ABN is cancelled and you need it later, you can reapply for the same ABN if your business structure is the same. If your structure is different - for example, you were a sole trader but your new business is a company - you will get a different ABN.
    If we cancel your ABN and you are not happy with our decision, contact us and we will try to resolve the issue.
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  • (https://www.ato.gov.au/Newsroom/smallbusiness/General/ABN-bulk-cancellations/?sbnews20190508)