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Atlantic Article

Discussion in 'Flex' started by pepe_inaki, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. pepe_inaki

    pepe_inaki Member

    Fairfax, VA
  2. cvflexer

    cvflexer Member

    San Diego, CA
    Whiny *****. I'll take my 1200 avg per week and be able to do it when I want to.
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  3. Flex89

    Flex89 Active Member

    Right. Like all jobs, it's not for everyone....
  4. rozz

    rozz Active Member

    Fake news
  5. oicu812

    oicu812 Well-Known Member

    I hope more people read the article and not get into Flex as it's not for most people. I would like to see the author try to be a DA for a DSP in SF.
  6. flex567

    flex567 New Member

    when i have more than 100,000 people ahead of me in the support queue i just chalk it up to bad luck and try again tomorrow

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