Atlanta Uber driver Picks up shooting suspects


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I just saw this today and its kind of crazy. This uber driver picks up 3 guys, starts the ride with no drop off address, they just had him driving around. He knew something wasn't right almost immediately, and called 911 but pretended to be talking to a friend. Eventually they sent the cops to his location.

He suggested that Uber creates a "panick button" they would alert police when drivers are in dangerous situations like this which I thing is a great idea. What do you think?

you can find the story on online at ajc this happened a few days ago.


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Had a passenger tonight who I picked up from the jail they were taken to (the pax works there and had direct contact with them after the incident), very interesting story!!!! Apparently they were all extremely HIGH on a multiple concoction of drugs and the shooter didn't even remember the incident afterwards. Scary stuff...
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Is putting your life at risk for 75pennies per mile really worth it?
Right?? -- In Minneapolis (Check the Minneapolis section of the forum), 2 women were shot at while riding in an Uber. I don't believe they died or had light threatening injuries, but just gives you an idea what types of risks you take upon yourself while driving people around.