At what point would you have Cancelled ?

Damn....fat, drunk, & stupid. What a @@@@ed up way to exist. These people make me sick.
This rideshare-shit don't pay enough to deal with an X filled to the brim with fat sloppy trailer-trash. I learned to shuffle on parties-of-four years ago.


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Once I realized that the guy was the same guy I had trouble with the week before I would have cancelled before the ride started

If I didn't have prior history with this guy I would have cancelled the ride after he spit out the window the 2nd time after telling him not to.


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I have had some bad pax as well.
One i want to share . She sits in the front seat. She is MENTAL .
Her brain had to been burnt from drugs ? Dark skin lady about 25. Her skin looked like sand paper dry like a person stranded in a desert .
She hits on me saying she wants to be my wife and wants to come home .
She rips her underwear off and starts to do stuff with her blank !!!!
I was used to crazy people so it did not bother me until she ripped her nasty panties off omg ! I pull into a gas station .
I tell her to get out ! She starts screaming LOUD ! People come up to my car .
I told everyone Im uber ... CRAZY passenger. OMG i had to call the cops on this one to get her out of my car.
Cops showed up in about 7 minutes Yes she was still screaming Im not getting out
Im going home with you ! Yes she had her panties off still and doing something with her self .
Cops rip her out to talk with her .
I drive off home screw it im done today . I spray a few cans of lysol . My worst passenger


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Sunday morning about 9am.
My favorite day to drive.
Hung over kids wondering where they left their car.
Embarassed young women doing the 'walk of shame' in evening wear, carrying their shoes ... just wanna go home.
Call to the jail -- dude got popped last nite for DUI.
Then at about 11am the calls for the little old ladies going to get their hair done, or going to church.

At 1pm ish I get a call to a home out in the burbs. Pick up a 35ish female who, when she gets in says, "I have several places to go, do you wanna do the whole list? or do I need to call a car for each one?" She assures me that they are all one-minute stops, I say, "sure" when she promises to tip well.
We go here, we go there, prolly been with her about 40 minutes when she says "Ok done, take me home." On the way there she says "do you mind if I stop at my boyfriends house? I may want to end the ride there." Sure, whatever. Booty call. lucky him.

We get there and she says, "Oh, he's not here ... but I wonder who's car that is?" There is a passenger car in the driveway with a female behind the wheel. She instructs me to pull up next to it, and I do. She rolls down the window and basically says 'who are you', and the female describes herself as "Bob's girlfriend."
My pax says "I AM Bobs girlfriend."
"Oh," the other lady says, "you must be that @@@@@ he's talking about all the time."

Ok. Now, It is ON.
She bails out of my car and grabs the other one by the hair and starts slamming her head into the steering wheel. Drivers foot must have slipped off the brake and the car was idling in gear, so it slowly rolled forward as blood and snot are flying all over the inside of her car. My pax is just walking beside the moving car continuing to punish the steering wheel with her face.

The car finally makes it to the garage door and my pax steps aside as it slowly drives thru the garage and stops at the back bumper of another car inside the garage. The driver is slumped over the steering wheel.

Now, I am sitting my car with my jaw on my chest. Like ... wow.
I look up in the rear view mirror and pulling up to the curb behind me was a van, with a sign on the side that says "Bobs HVAC".

I finally wake up and can figure how the rest of this may play out; briefly felt sorry for Bob, said something to my self to the effect of "Oh @@@@ no ...." put the car in reverse and burned rubber a half block, whipped the car around and got the @@@@ out of there.
Went home, day over.
The end of another nice, quiet Sunday afternoon.

There was nothing in the paper, so I guess nobody went to jail; but I know for a fact someone went to the ER.

You just never know what's going to happen. Minute by minute is different.
Hours of boredom briefly inter-spaced with moments of shear terror.