At the Redondo Greenlight and miserable


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Me and 5 million other ants are waiting at the Greenlight hub........waiting.......and waiting. I should have made an appointment but didn't know I'd have time today to come here. I have a migraine and am miserable.......but disgusted by my lack of LAX permit. I'm missing out and canceling too many LAX drop offs. Pray for me :frown:


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Yes you can print one, and that's all they'll do at Redondo, if you get stopped and the cop wants to be a prick he'll say a printed version isn't valid. Never settle for Rohits first 10 replies. Keep nagging them until you get a reply from an English speaker!


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Print it, laminate it. Done! What's the diff? They can scan it and info will be the same as the fuber will send. I been using it for 2 years. Cops check it at the drop off. this cop that check was very intimidating. He checks all the rideshare that do drop off. I got no problem with it.


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Last night i dropped off pax at lax and right away i accepted call ×2.5 and picked them up with no permit on my windshield ,and 2 scarey motorcycle cop were standing right behind car was blocking me ,it was stupid but i couldn't resist the offer.