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At Least 18 Citations Issued During Uber, Lyft Permit Check at MSP Airport

Yes but $33 after waiting how long to get the trip? If you waited 3 hours that’s 11 bucks an hour.
Very seldom do I wait on anything. Early in the morning, if the lot is almost empty, and flights are coming in from Alaska and Hawaii, i may leave my phone in xl or lux mode for up to 15 minutes, after that, I turn on all options just so I can get out of the lot and move on to a better ride. Even on x, a ride to maple grove or similar for $30-$40 is better than sitting and not earning anything. Sometimes it's just a $10 ride back to downtown, but at least it covers my gas to get me to an area that is hopefully better rides. If your wheels ain't turning, you are not earning.
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