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At Fault Collision

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Rey C, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Rey C

    Rey C

    Good afternoon,

    I was involved in a collision in Toronto while online with PAX. I got a ticket. I will be working out the HTA issues with a lawyer. What I'm concerned with is what happens next. Btw, No passenger injury and minimal damage to other car. My car is extensively damaged. I'm ok too. 3 Years driving over 1000 safe trips.

    So far:
    1) I contact Uber and got claim number.
    2) Sent them my personal insurance info
    3) Released the car and got my plates and personal stuff back.
    4) Was told no Loss Of Earning benefits (?)
    5) I am deactivated until I get car repaired or a rental/new car.

    1) Do I have the right to ask for an independent appraisal of my car? I know insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. Thank you to the user who posted the link to Red Flag Deals!
    2) Is Uber allowed to deny loss of earning even though my case hasn't come to trial yet?
    -The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule says whether at fault or not.
    3) Can anyone recommend a good lawyer or paralegal experienced in dealing with Uber drivers? I know this collision might get expensive and want to make sure I'm not getting hosed by Uber.

    I've read the threads and only wish I'd found these forums before signing up for Uber.
  2. trickynikki


    Yes, you should have known more before signing on.
    I sat through the 40 minute spew by Uber a few years back. Ramit Kahr of Uber lied about insurance. Now you know why Uber is cheaper than cabs. It's drivers are the ones who pay. Uber looks all good until things go wrong.

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