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at a festival where people are wearing paint, uber advises carry towels and cleaning materials

Discussion in 'Washington DC' started by uberslame, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. I say let's bomb their new headquarters with paint filled balloons---those ****ing jackasses!
  2. LAuberX

    LAuberX Moderator

    Los Angeles
    Better advice:

    If you encounter a customer wearing body paint, feathers or sparkle makeup please select Cancel, "customer request" and get the f*** out of there.
  3. KGB7


    I'll supply body bags for them to wear.
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  4. If it's an easy non-permanent clean up..take a pic & have Uber charge a cleaning fee..but then again it seems like once again they've covered their ass by pre warning drivers ahead of time
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  5. Zeus


    Washington DC
    I think. A majority of them will take metro, but for those that did drive, how painted and messy are your passengers ?
  6. I had 2 girls 1.7x headed back to GWU..they weren't messy at all..considering that I have all black interior
  7. Uber says carry towels and cleaning supplies. But why go to that extreme when the CANCEL button is right at your fingertips? Once again, let's keep in mind who is doing who the favor in this arrangement.

    PRO TIP: If there's a chance a pax is going to phuque up your car (body paint, glitter, puke, excessive perfume, feathers, etc.) the CANCEL button is your friend.
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  8. FlDriver


    St Pete, FL
    I would drive in another part of town or take the day off.
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