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Asking passengers to confirm their name

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Kaiser Soze, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze

    is this necessary? Is it protocol?
  2. SpeedyGonzalez11


    Marietta, GA
    I do it sometimes for drunk pax or if someone comes up but doesn' open the door. Just depends. I got **** from. People bc I did but screw them.
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  3. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze

    Yea this passenger told me she’s supposed to ask me that. You know what me and my car look like and there’s probably 90 Karen’s on this block. No biggie but I know somewhere at some time in the uber universe some dip**** has gotten in the wrong car.
  4. I always ask for name. Early on I was clueless and "hijacked" once. Uber dinged me (didn't care), but I didn't want the real rider to suffer.

    It wasn't an issue for months until last week on New Year's Eve when it was super busy downtown. Gridlocked in fact. I forgot to lock my doors between rides several times and three times drunks yanked open my passenger door announcing I was their Uber driver. Not sure how they even knew I was driving for Uber as the sticker isn't required in our area and it wasn't on my windshield. Perhaps just the look of frustration and dismay on my face.
  5. Nah. I don't like asking their name. It doesn't come naturally for me to do it that way. So I don't feel comfortable asking.
    As their getting in or once they're in I say something like
    "Mike right?"

    Then I always confirm destination. I say something like
    "Looks like we're going Downtown?"
    "Main St?"

    If they confirm both of those, off we go.
  6. At bar closing time on the strip, it usually goes something like this;

    (Rider through window): "Ryno?"
    Me: Yup, and your name is...?
    Rider: *states name*.
    Me: Okay, and your headed to *states destination*"
    Rider: Yup.
    Me: Okay, we're on our way!

    I have a common first name, so it might not be unusual for another driver having the same. Also I once had a rider who was riding on a friends account who realized that he had his friend put in the wrong address when we reached the destination (he fell asleep during the ride) and I had to take him to his actual without being able to change the destination (I could not do it in the app at that time). If I hadn't confirmed the info upfront, I would've felt a little weird about it. It doesn't happen often like that but once was enough, at least during bar close hours!
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  7. No, never ask pax' name. It is bad form and can be seen by pax as rude/intrusive. If the pax has opened your door and is getting in, they're the right pax.
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  8. 97% of the time this is true.
    So it's enough for me to assume it's true 100% of the time.

    Don't need an awkward interaction with a pax that is trying to enter my car.
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  9. I love awkward interactions with pax! The more cringeworthy the better!

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  10. I picked up a sketchy PAX last night. It was in a wealthy neighborhood...PAX was boots on the curb, however he was dressed in sweats and was carrying an army duffle bag and 2 back packs...Not what I expected..He wasn't aggressive, but he looked a little dangerous to me. He was sweating. Possibly twacked...I said the name..He said yeah...I got him to agree to put the duffle bag in my trunk, but he insisted on keeping the back packs with him. I hit start trip...destination says 30 min away..I'm like cool a decent fare..Then he asked if he can update the destination..I say sure..He does...But then things got confusing.. He starts saying he wants to go to the original place and THEN to the updated place..I'm like "oh ok..well update it again and when we get there I won't end the trip, and we can then update to the next spot." He says ok. We finally get to the "Motel 6"...He then explains that he doesn't want the guy who's Uber account it is to know where he went. OK..sketchYYY!!! I told him I can drop him at taco bell a block away..He says ok..I hand him his duffle bag...It didn't feel like clothes in there..guns maybe..I don't know..I just Ubered on...played it cool..Thought about reporting it, but then decided not to. I'm wondering how the guy who's account it is will rate me? lol
  11. I wouldn't accept destination changes from a guest pax. Option a - pax goes to original destination. Option b - pax phones account holder and has them change the destination. Option c - pax gets out of the vehicle.
  12. I wasn't aware that he was a guest or anything. I said the name "Daniel?" He said yes implying it was him. He was boots on the curb at an actual residence. He appeared to have access to the account..He was doing the updates. It wasn't until we got to the destination that he became desperate to not let the REAL Daniel know where I dropped this imposter.
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  13. - I need to go to a different destination
    - You don't want to go the church on 41st Street, Reverend?
    - No, take me to Back Alley Sally's Massage Parlour
    - You'll need to change it on the app

    If the pax changes it on the app then he is the account holder. If he says that he cannot then he is not the account holder.
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  14. I'm having trouble explaining to you what happened. HE UPDATED IT. But later admitted it's NOT HIS ACCOUNT...are you getting it now?
  15. Ooops! Having a blonde moment.

    Stolen phone, obviously.
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  16. That's what I'm thinking. Maybe he robbed the Rancho Santa Fe house, including the phone...I have a wild imagination though..It may be nothing...My rating is intact today and no questions from Uber.
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  17. Maybe the phone owner hasn't contacted Uber yet, or is bogged down dealing with Rohit at Uber support, or hasn't seen the charge from Uber yet.
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  18. Maybe, lets hope not...I just didn't want to escalate the situation...I played the role of the happy go lucky Uber dude that is absolutely NOT a snitch and he need not murder me...I am a friend and an accomplice. :)
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  19. goneubering


    LA/Orange Counties
    Nope. Not always. I once drove 20 miles out of my way because the wrong rider hopped in.
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  20. Some posts may contain traces of BS.
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