Ashton Kutcher against Uber Drivers


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So this piece of human waste was on a Toronto radio saying that "Uber is an experience and that You Don't Need/shouldn't Tip".

The host then emphasised on the tip portion and repeated " There you go. You don't need to tip your driver. "

He was on 99.9 FM which is owned by the Virgin group.

The Virgin group is owned by Sir Richard Branson.

So let's all bombard these peoples Twitter accounts. Let's demand from Sir Richard Branson that the host and the manager at 99.9 FM should be diciplined.
And let's just @@@@ up Ashton Kutcher on social media and on his Twitter.

I hope somebody from BuzzFeed picks up on this and destroys these losers.


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Ashton Kutcher " no need to tip your Uber driver".


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Never understood why anyone cares what an actor/musician/etc has to say nor do I understand why the media feels the need to inform the public. Who gives a f$%^. Maybe the same people that follow the Kardashians.

Because they're on the bloody TV, radio, social media feeds all the time from which nobody can escape. So even if we don't care they are in our face, they are, just like the back of the car infront of us

So what they say or write gets burnt in people's brains, even when people try to avoid it.
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I saw that show and was excited that they brought up uber tipping. The host put up the blunt question, "should we tip our uber driver"?? Kutcher Stated that since the platform is designed for the driver's safety and supposedly a cashless system,it's totally not allowed and not at all safe to hand any cash to the drivers.. I almost screamed WTF??? Seriously?? He also stated loud and clear that any service industry where tips are given,the pay is low to compensate the huge amount of tips that the employees receive. He then compares Uber paying its drivers sooo well just because there aren't supposed to get tips for their safety, and alarms the viewers that guys if u ever wish to tip your uber driver for his great services, remember that you will be putting the drivers safety at risk. Please refrain from tipping and don't feel bad as uber is paying them really well... These were his words and they discussed their misconception for a while and kept saying "Don't even think about tipping your uber driver" as the system is designed to be cashless for their safety... Let's not put the drivers life in danger by handing them any tips... I lost interest in the show and put the lights out..


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So this piece of human waste was on a Toronto radio saying that "Uber is an experience and that You Don't Need/shouldn't Tip".
You do realize he's a driver too right? So good for him for expressing how he feels and this will affect how much he makes driving too.