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As of March 1st my car is too old to drive...goodbye Uber...


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Welp, that sucks... My job closed yesterday and I woke up today with that in my email... I was actually hoping to use uber to help me get by... I have a 4.97 rating over 324 trips and I am no longer allowed to drive...this world is starting to suck....good luck out there...and as always....Uber on.


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I don't think that car would pass an inspection....to be fair to my beautiful Camry haha.


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I would appeal at a green light station. If you have a 4.97 rating after that many rides, pax have to be comfortable with your vehicle. Who knows, they might make an exception.


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They sent emails concerning this back in January, you could have seen this coming and prepared. And honestly, it's good to have something already depreciated. A used X or XL qualified vehicle really isn't that much $$


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Buy what about the bad driving and small wiener myth??
One of my female Chicano riders once said her ex-boyfriend was Korean and he had a huge cock!

I've been driving Uber for two years, accidents free, and I'm Asian myself.

There! Bad driving and small wiener for Asian are just myth as well.
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