Arkansas Trips


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I am sick of getting ride request for picking up in West Memphis, AR. I got one the other day for a 4.00 gate to drive someone 4 miles to Walmart. Round trip for me was 35 miles.

I complained to Uber, saying why they were sending mute request for West Memphis when I am not certified to drive in Arkansas. They pretty much said they did not care and off I got a ticket it was my issue.

One rep said to take the trip and then cancel it, which I am ding now

Karen Stein

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Looks like you got your wish.

Last year Uber had a monopoly on the Arkansas side of the river.

This year Lyft expanded to Arkansas.

As of May first, Uber has stopped serving West Memphis.

FWIW, Lyft drivers did very well serving Arkansas during the Memphis in May event.

Consider this: A trip from the dog track to Brake St. Will net you almost $10 - and the gas is a half dollar cheaper in Arkansas than it is in downtown Memphis.