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Are You An Uber Driver? Send Us Your Flat Surge Fare Screenshots


Who me? Hey, I know a set up when I see one!! lol

BTW: what is this "flat rate surg pricing" you speak of??


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after reading through the comments I don't know who is worse, these sanctimonious crusaders that have never driven ride share but know what's best for us or the flock of Ayn Rand devotees that bleat out the same free market finds its own level mantra. to all the L.L. Bean Liberals looking out for my best interests if you want to help me like really improve my day find a new cause and stop taking pool. And for all you Reaganites the 80's proved there has to be some just some laws in place to keep Gordon Gecko from bleeding the country dry. You guys want to make my day better be at the right pick up spot, hang up your phone after you get in and tip me you cheap bastard.