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are winter tires OK to drive during summer time?

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Urbanappalachian, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Urbanappalachian

    Urbanappalachian Active Member

    My 2 front tires has about 5000 miles left on it and am thinking of getting 2 new front tires. Should I get the winter tires since it's winter time? My rear tires are only a few months old so I'm good with that. Should I have the winter tires installed on the front or back? Does it even matter based on what kind of car I have (2015 Mazda 3 i sport)?

    I always get the cheapest tires at Walmart but if anyone here know of a better and more affordable place to get tires from let me know. 2 tires installed and insured usually cost me over $200 (but never over $250).
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  2. Adieu

    Adieu Well-Known Member

    Buy a set of used winters
    Then buy 2 used summers later

    ...and you still have enough of the $200 left to get a case of Redbull
  3. jeep45238

    jeep45238 Active Member

    Never run winter tires in warm weather - the rubber is too soft and they will not last long at all.

    If you have 4 snow tires on a fwd vehicle, you actually have better acceleration/braking/turning than a awd vehicle with all-seasons. The rear 2 snow tires help tremendously with turning and stopping.

    Blizzak tires are wonderful.

    And rotate your damn tires.

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